Zork I

I grew up in a small rural town just south of Placerville CA. As a young boy I fell in love with computers and video games, and was very fond of a text-based adventure game named Zork. My uncle would read the descriptions of the rooms to us and ask us what we wanted to do and then would enter our commands into the prompt.

I am also fond of tinkering with electronics and mechanical things. I made a little alarm for my toy box with a metal coat hanger, a bell, and an electro-magnet. I still enjoy taking things apart to see how they work and how they were put together.

Camera shutter close up

After highschool I started working for a Camera repair company that was the repair facility for Ricoh cameras. I began repairing cameras a year after I started, and was transferred to headquarters less than a year later. At California Precision Service I learned how to repair Fuji and Pentax cameras, along with Tamron lenses. Once my experience and expertise grew, I was asked to manage technicians repairing Tamron lenses. I learned a great deal about how to support staff by providing them with everything they needed to succeed, and how to overcome operational, and personnel challenges.

During this time I noticed we were sending virtually all equipment made by Canon to the factory for repair. I decided to take a lens apart to see if I could figure out what was damaged, and if I could fix it. I found that there wasn't anything outside of my expertise about this lens, and the damage was obvious and fairly simple to repair. Over time, I was fixing virtually all of the Canon equipment that came into the shop. I learned a lot about how each customer required service that fit their needs, how to provide this service, how to navigate challenging customers, and how to focus on quality first.

There came a time where smart phones were making severe impacts to the digital camera market and market shifts made by manufacturers drastically impacted the repair industry. Parts became more difficult to obtain through legitimate sources, so I decided to invest more into my education.

store shelves during the pandemic

I graduated during the height of the global pandemic. It was a very strange and unique time for all of us. I applied to many positions in my field of Computer Science, and I worked for an Amazon delivery station for about a year before finding employment with HCL America.

My first project was for an international technology company developing CI/CD automated tests. I temporarily led our team during our manager's leave of absence and onboarded new hires. After the project ended, I received recognition for leadership from the client.

During my second project, with a telecommunications company, I developed backend APIs which retrieved cloud instance data across all cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, and OCI), databases, and in-house APIs. My APIs provided data to an application that was used by the IT team to retrieve, monitor, and report on usage, compliance, inventory, and security auditing metrics.


Bodega Bay

In the summer of 2020, I met Sarah. She was a single mom raising two wonderful boys, one of which is mostly non-verbal with autism. I was attracted her honesty, compassion, and endless desire to love and care for everyone in her life. We met each other in an interesting time in our lives where neither of us overly invested in trying to win each other over. We bonded over the reality and sometimes insanity of our lives, and over our struggles and successes. I'm not sure either of us were sure where we were headed, or even if we cared. We were looking for someone we could relate to, admire, and enjoy being around.

Ryan and Me

Despite us both stating that neither of us were looking for a serious relationship, let alone marriage, we tied the knot in the summer of 2023. We decided on a beautiful private ceremony with our immediate families. We bought a house in the fall of 2023, and we couldn't be happier or have ever planned that our lives would have turned out as amazing as they have.

Ryan and Me

I met Sarah's oldest son, Ryan, when he was 14 years old. He was struggling with the emotions of his father no longer being around, his grandfather passing away, changing hormones, and it all coupled with his limited ability to communicate and express himself. He and I started on very shaky ground, and I could have never imagined then, that we'd now be the best of buds. We've got a special bond and can communicate very well with very few words. He is raw and uncut and one of a kind.

Ryan and Me

Beckett is Sarah's youngest son, and he was 12 years old when I met him. He's incredibly bright, has a great smile, and loves joking around. He wants to make games when he's older. We're so proud of him for always being responsible, curious, kind, and self sufficient. He's learning how to drive, and we're very excited for these next few years, as he enters adulthood.